A mortgage company must hold a valid license in a given state in order to do mortgage loans in that state. Below is the list of state licenses for Hometrust Mortgage

State Licenses

StateLicense NumberLicense Type  
Alabama21469Consumer Credit LicenseOther Trade Names: MortgageAmerica, Inc. 
FloridaMLD791Mortgage Lender Servicer LicenseOther Trade Names: MortgageAmerica, Inc. 
Georgia24278Mortgage Lender LicenseOther Trade Names: HT Mortgage Company 
New Mexico03476Mortgage Loan Company LicenseNone: None 
Tennessee113075Mortgage LicenseOther Trade Names: MortgageAmerica, Inc. 
Texas – SML149932Mortgage Banker RegistrationNone: None 
ColoradoNAMortgage Company RegistrationNone: None 
OklahomaML011860Mortgage Lender LicenseNone: None